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Individuality, Comfort,
Care, and Family.


creating a Positive experience for our guests and their families

We provide full Korean accommodations

저희 양노병원은 한국 환자가 희망하고 필요로 하는 모든 편의를 도모한다

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Our Services

At Anaheim Crest Nursing Center we are pleased to offer a wide variety of services, and strive to fine tune them in order to accommodate your loved one's needs. Read on to see a glimpse of what we provide to our residents on a daily basis.

Rehabilitation Services

Available 7 days a week and provided by our team of full-time, dedicated rehabilitation staff. 

Speech Therapy

• Communication Skills
• Memory and Reasoning Skills
• Swallowing Disorders

Physical Therapy

• Balance and Mobility
• Gait Training
• Pain Management
• Strengthening

Occupational Therapy

• Training in Aspects of Daily Living
• Cognitive and Perceptual Training
• Upper Extremity Rehabilitation
• Splinting

We provide full Korean Services for our Korean community, including:

·   Korean Staff

·   Korean Meals

·   Religious Services

·   Activities

한국어통역  한국인직원  한국음식  한국어예배  한국인이 선호하는

여러가지종류의  취미활동 프로그램이  있읍니다

We Provide The Following Services At Our Facility:

24-Hour Skilled Nursing

Specialized Korean
Care Unit

Rehabilitation Services

Intravenous Therapy

Post Operative Care
and Rehabilitation

Wound Management

Infection Isolation

Enteral Feeding

Pain Management

Therapeutic Diets

Restorative Dining Program

Pet Therapy

83 Bed Facility

Our Team

The leadership team at Anaheim Crest Nursing Center is dedicated to ensuring that your family has a positive experience with us. Each team member excels in their field, and strives to provide the compassionate care and specialized services you count on for your loved ones.

Emelyn Lawler

Angie Huang
Director of Rehab

Charo Maclang
Director of Nursing

Grace Lee
Social Services

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Min Kang
Asst. Director of Nursing

Jennifer Chung
Social Services

Michele Goodney
Director of
Business Development

Roxanne Barquero
Business Office Manager

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